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Homme+Femme partners with Churchill Downs for Kentucky Derby Collection

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Homme+Femme launches collaboration with Churchill Downs for Kentucky Derby collection. This collaborative capsule elevates the rich and historic traditions of the Kentucky Derby through the unique, modern lens of streetwear fashion. Designer Drew Evans pulls from the legacy of Black horsemen and the Kentucky Derby as the main source of inspiration recognizing that 15 of the first 28 winning jockeys of the Derby were Black.

The collection includes letterman jackets, workout blazers reminiscent of varsity sweaters, t-shirts, and trucker hats offering an inclusive entry point into the world of elite horse racing. The designs incorporate imagery of roses, horses, horseshoes, and trophies incorporated into Homme+Femme’s signature streetwear pieces. This collection celebrates the prestige of the Kentucky Derby while calling back to the Black legacy of the Run for the Roses™.

“Kentucky meets Compton with a collab for one of the sports’ most iconic events,” says Homme+Femme Founder, Drew Evans.

Homme+Femme Designer, Drew Evans, and Kentucky Native, Valerie Bruce, formed an unlikely duo when teaming up for the collection. Valerie shared her love and knowledge of the Kentucky Derby with Compton-raised Evans to inspire him to pursue a collaboration with Churchill Downs. Valerie’s diverse knowledge of the sport pairs with Evans’ vision to create a collection rooted in celebrating the tradition of the Kentucky Derby, the sport of horse racing, and the Black legacy at Churchill Downs.

Drew Evans and Valerie Bruce’s goal for the collection was “to create pieces that bring people together from different backgrounds and show they can connect.  In a world where division seems to take center court, we want to bring connection and unity to the forefront.”

As a Black-owned brand, Homme+Femme pulls inspiration from this rich history to create a collection that celebrates diversity and inclusiveness. Homme+Femme and Churchill Downs brought their unique points of view together in the collaboration with Churchill Downs to curate a collection that is a modern take on a prestigious institution giving an opportunity to break barriers in the sport through fashion.

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