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Manufacturing accelerates in Greater Louisville

Strong workforce, industry support keeps manufacturers investing throughout the region

By wmadministrator

Greater Louisville is expanding on its already rich tradition of manufacturing excellence, adding huge new projects and expansions to its roster. From the largest economic development project in Kentucky history—the $5.8 billion Ford/SK Innovation electric battery plants under construction in Hardin County—to a $1.7 billion Nucor Steel Brandenburg plant in Meade County opening in 2022 and many other projects, manufacturing companies are making transformative investments in the region. 

Innovations in 3D additive manufacturing, focused workforce development initiatives and strong industry networks make Greater Louisville ideal for all types of manufacturing. And the region’s strong logistics and transportation sector make it easy for companies to make products here and quickly ship them anywhere in the world.

A diversified regional manufacturing economy includes a large automotive sector. Ford makes multiple top-selling work and personal vehicles in Louisville, and plants in the city and surrounding counties make and supply parts. Home appliances, chemicals, metals, food products, distilled spirits, engineering, machining and many other sectors are also represented.

Here’s a look at some of the products made in the Greater Louisville region: