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$75 million fund will help Kentucky nonprofits recover from COVID-19

Applications are open at TeamKYnonprofitfund.ky.gov

FRANKFORT, Ky.—A $75 million fund to help Kentucky’s nonprofit organizations recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Team Kentucky Nonprofit Assistance Fund will provide one-time direct relief payments, up to $100,000 per eligible nonprofit organization, Gov. Andy Beshear announced today.

The Team Kentucky Nonprofit Assistance Fund is funded by federal American Rescue Plan Act  dollars and allocated by the 2022 General Assembly.

“Kentuckians rely on our 20,000-plus nonprofits, each with a unique mission. They provide families with assistance, advocacy and aid during our hardest times, in addition to fostering education and culture through the arts,” Beshear said. “During the pandemic, nonprofits faced a variety of challenges, and many continue to struggle. With this relief, we can help these crucial organizations continue to help the communities they serve.”

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have been devastating for their business and their clients.

“Nonprofits are Kentucky’s third largest private sector employer, and in addition to being a vital part of the commonwealth’s economy, this relief funding will help many continue to meet the needs of Kentuckians and our communities,” said Danielle Clore, CEO of Kentucky Nonprofit Network.

“Some nonprofits need funds to simply keep the lights on – pay utility bills, rent, address overdue building maintenance and more. Other nonprofits will use funds to try to get some programs and services back up and running again,” Clore added. “Many organizations have had to scale back or close programs entirely because of staffing and other costs, which has been challenging given the demand for services. While these are one-time funds and won’t solve the crisis facing many of Kentucky’s nonprofits, unrestricted relief is incredibly helpful and ultimately benefits the Kentuckians nonprofits serve.”

The Kentucky Nonprofit Network has information to assist nonprofits in the application process and other technical information posted on its website at kynonprofits.org.

“We shut down during the pandemic because our clients are children and adults with special needs, and some clients are medically fragile,” said Kim Wheatley, director of Upside Therapeutic Riding in Fisherville. “And now, inflation and the increased cost of hay and diesel fuel is adding insult to injury. This fund gives us hope of recovering and moving forward in a way that will help us help others.”

To be eligible, organizations must be based in Kentucky, in active operation, remain active for the entirety of calendar year 2022 and have experienced net negative revenue between calendar years 2020 and 2021.

The Public Protection Cabinet is administering the program and is accepting online applications. The online application portal will close at 4:30 p.m. Oct. 1, 2022.

Nonprofits can apply at TeamKYnonprofitfund.ky.gov.

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