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The 2006-07 graduating class of Kentucky’s public colleges and universities has set a record as the largest in the history of Kentucky postsecondary education, with 43,902 degrees and credentials being awarded. The figure represents a 3.3 percent increase over the number awarded in 2005-06 and a 70.8 percent increase since 2000-01. “Across the board, states with the highest proportion of bachelor’s degrees have the highest per capita incomes and the strongest, most robust economies,” said Brad Cowgill, interim president of the Council on Postsecondary Education. “Meeting our goal to double the numbers, though challenging, offers the quickest, most direct route to a better quality of life in Kentucky.”

The state has authorized the establishment of a new non-profit corporation, Kentucky e-Health Corporation, to improve collaboration between the public and private health care sectors as the state moves towards the formation of a statewide electronic health care data network. The goal of Kentucky’s e-health efforts is to improve personal health and health care by using information technology and collaboration to reduce medical errors, improve quality, lower administrative costs and make electronic medical records available to Kentuckians wherever they need care. The state’s goal is to have all Kentuckians’ health information electronically available by 2011.