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Legislative redistricting plan passes House, 53-46

FRANKFORT, Ky. (March 7, 2013) — The Kentucky House approved a state legislative redistricting plan Wednesday night that would redraw the lines for Kentucky’s House districts.

House Bill 2, sponsored by House Speaker Greg Stumbo, D-Prestonsburg, narrowly passed the House, 53-46. The redistricting legislation would create seven new districts and split some current districts without violating the constitutional standard of “one person, one vote,” Stumbo said. He also told members before the vote that the legislation meets state and federal mandates.

Each district under HB 2 would have a population within the allowed deviation of five percent from 43,308 — the ideal size of a House district based on the state’s total population of 4,380,415, Stumbo said.

HB 2 now goes to the Senate.