Kurt J. Hilzinger elected chairman of Humana board of directors

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (Dec. 18, 2013) — Humana Inc. announced Monday that Michael B. McCallister has notified the company that he will retire from its board of directors effective Dec. 31.

Humana’s board of directors has elected Kurt J. Hilzinger, currently serving as lead director, to become chairman of the board effective upon McCallister’s retirement.

McCallister has served as chairman of the board since his election to that position in August 2010.

“Kurt’s role as lead director has prepared him well to lead Humana’s board of directors upon my retirement,” McCallister said. “I have full confidence that he will continue to ensure corporate governance and accountability to our shareholders remain at the forefront for our directors.”

Hilzinger was initially elected to Humana’s board of directors in July 2003, and was elected as lead director in August 2010. He is a partner at Court Square Capital Partners, having held this position since November 2007. Prior to that, he was a director of AmerisourceBergen Corp. from March 2004 to November 2007 while serving in various executive roles there between August 2001 and November 2007.


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