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West Sixth to can fourth beer, Pay it Forward Cocoa Porter

50 cents per six-pack to be donated charity

LEXINGTON, Ky. (July 14, 2014) — West Sixth Brewing announced today the fourth beer that they will can and produce year-round: the Pay it Forward Cocoa Porter.

westsixthThis beer, which is an American robust porter, has been brewed with Organic, direct-trade Cocoa nibs. Nearly opaque with a tan head, this beer clocks in at a seven ABV and is dominated by roasty malts and a strong aroma of chocolate.

“We’re very excited to announce that this fall, we will begin canning one of our most requested beers: the Pay it Forward Cocoa Porter,” said West Sixth founder Brady Barlow.

The Pay it Forward Cocoa Porter was first made available on draft in 2012 for the launch of the Good Giving Guide put on by the Blue Grass Community Foundation. That challenge, which raised more than 1.5M for local non-profits in 2013, was the inspiration for its name. Since then it has been available on draft in the taproom, it has always been a crowd favorite.

In addition, West Sixth is launching a new charitable program along with the beer.

“In order to live up to its name as the Pay it Forward Cocoa Porter, we are committing to giving $.50 per six pack to a local non-profit doing great work in the area the beer was sold in.” said founder Ben Self. “Those non-profits will be selected on a quarterly basis and will be chosen based on input from our fans and supporters.”

The beer will be available throughout West Sixth’s distribution area in kegs and cans beginning in September.