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KSP participates in ‘6 State Trooper Project’

153 tickets issued in Kentucky for distracted driving

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Aug. 5, 2014) — An unprecedented number of citations for distracting driving were made from June 20-26, during a multi-agency enforcement campaign called the ‘6 State Trooper Project.’

Texting while driving is illegal in Kentucky.
Texting while driving is illegal in Kentucky.

The Kentucky State Police (KSP) joined forces with state police agencies from Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Indiana on major interstates, in an ongoing effort to combat distracted driving. Nearly 2,000 citations for distracted driving were issued among the six states. Distracted driving citations include texting, cell phone, reckless and careless driving.

“One of the most deadly threats to safety on our roadways is the distracted driver,” said KSP Sgt. Michael Webb. “Working in tandem with our neighbor states allows us to extend operations beyond the reach of state lines resulting in a force multiplying effort.”

KSP accounted for 153 distracted driving citations during the enforcement campaign.

“This concentrated effort by all six agencies reduced traffic crashes and criminal behavior at a time of year when we see heightened travel on major interstates,” says Webb.

The next combined enforcement effort is scheduled for September and will target marijuana interdiction and criminal patrol.