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Gun Media’s second video game wins award at Europe’s Gamescom event

Lexington-based company set to release new IOS mobile-device video game

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Aug. 27, 2014) — Lexington-based video game developer Gun Media is getting recognition from a worldwide audience as it prepares to kick off the launch party for another latest interactive product.

Screen short from Breach and Clear: Deadline.
Screen short from Breach and Clear: Deadline.

Earlier this month Gun Media traveled to Cologne, Germany, to attend Gamescom, an event that drew 335,000 people from 88 countries. While at the event, Gun Media was given a Hot PXL press award from French gaming website PXLBBQ. CEO and designer/publisher Wes Keltner, whose office is in downtown Lexington, said the award is the equivalent of a “best in show.”

Gun Media’s newest game, “Breach & Clear: Deadline” will be released this fall. Players maneuver a four-man special operations team. Keltner said the best description of the second B&C game is a cross between the movies “Zero Dark Thirty” and “Night of the Living Dead.”

For those wanting an early look at the game, Gun Media has set up a behind the scenes video. It presents some of the steps involved in bringing a gaming creative concept to market.

Gun, a two-year-old designer/publisher, is a successor to Keltner’s boutique advertising consulting agency TAO, whose work often involved video games. Gun’s two Breach & Clear titles were produced by Mighty Rabbit Studios of Raleigh, N.C., which executes Gun’s creative concepts.

The company’s first game “Breach and Clear” was released for smartphones and tablets in July 2013 and sold more than 700,000 units.

Gun Media is expected to make an announcement at noon Thursday about its next gaming project and this weekend will participate in the gaming industry’s PAX conference being held Aug. 29 to Sept. 1 in Seattle.