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Toyota teams up with community for ‘super’ recycling event

From left, Deputy Judge Executive Jared Hollon, TMMK Facilities Assistant General Manager Carl Kurz, Scott County Judge Executive George Lusby, TMMK President Wil James, Georgetown Mayor Everette Varney, TMMK Environmental Manager David Absher, Green Metals, Inc. President Steve Cecil, and Ray Browning, Sr. Client Advisor for 2trg were on hand Friday afternoon to kick off the Super Recycling event at TMMK.

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (May 12, 2012) — Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc. (TMMK) teamed up with the City of Georgetown and Scott County Fiscal Court last week to present its biennial community recycling event. TMMK, a zero-landfill facility, hosted SupeRecycling Day to increase awareness about household hazardous and electronic wastes, and to offer an alternative to common, less environmentally-friendly disposal methods. With additional support from local recycling vendors, 2trg and Green Metals, Inc., the service was made free of charge to all TMMK employees and Scott County residents.

Items collected during the two-day event Friday and Saturday included old televisions, computers, cell phones and ink cartridges, in addition to common household hazardous waste such as paint and all-purpose cleaners. Nearly 300 tons of similar waste products have been collected and recycled since the program started in 1994.

In attendance for Friday’s kickoff were Georgetown Mayor, Everette Varney and Scott County Judge Executive, George Lusby.

TMMK President Wil James also showed his support as TMMK team members and local residents dropped off their recyclable goods.

“Providing this free service is a way for Toyota to show its appreciation to the community,” James said. “We all have to do our part. And when we do, we make a difference well beyond our own backyard.”