Casey County makes eBay’s Top 20 U.S. Entrepreneurial Hotspots

Ranked seventh on the list

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Dec. 8, 2015) — Casey County is the nation’s seventh best community for online small business activity, according to eBay’s list of Top 20 U.S. Entrepreneurial Hotspots.

The list, created in honor of Small Business Saturday—which was held this year on Nov. 28—includes sellers who are using technology in new ways to grow their small, online businesses.

Casey County has an annual eBay sales per capita of $211. Essex County, Vermont was No. 1 with an annual eBay sales per capita of $332. Fulton County, Ohio was No. 2 at $272. Gwinnett County, Georgia, at No. 19, was the only other county in the South to make the list. Most of the other counties were in the Northeast, Florida and California.

Casey County, located in one of the fastest growing regions in the state, “has a good highway transportation system which enables reliable movement of goods and services north and south, and connects the central and northern parts of Kentucky to the Lake Cumberland area and Tennessee,” states eBay. “The gate manufacturing industry has capitalized on this transportation system, and has been bolstered by the availability of affordable labor, to create a diverse metalworking economy well-known to many in the industry.”

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