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Nearly 200 pardons issued on Gov. Beshear’s last day in office

Frankfort, Ky. – In his final executive action before leaving office, Gov. Steve Beshear today granted 197 pardons and 6 commutations to individuals sentenced for a range of offenses.

Throughout his 8 years in office, Gov. Beshear received more than 3,400 requests for pardons that were reviewed over several months by the Governor and his staff.

“I spent many long days weighing the merits and circumstances of individual cases before making my final decisions,” Gov. Beshear said. “The pardon authority afforded me by Section 77 of the Kentucky Constitution isn’t something I take lightly. We are talking about action that impacts the lives of so many individuals.”

Gov. Beshear’s predecessor, Ernie Fletcher, received more than 1,000 pardon requests and granted just over 100 pardons during his four years in office.

Among the actions taken today by Gov. Beshear were commutations of sentence or full pardons to 10 women sentenced for violent crimes they committed after suffering years of domestic violence abuse at the hands of their eventual victims.

“These 10 women – some of whom are currently incarcerated and some of whom have already been released from institutions – were recommended to me for consideration for full pardons after an extensive joint review by the Department for Public Advocacy and the Kentucky Domestic Violence Association,” Gov. Beshear said. “After further review of those files, I determined that some of the pardon requests should be granted, while others merited a commutation of sentence.”

The governor also pardoned several individuals who were convicted of drug offenses. Gov. Beshear, a former Attorney General, said the pardon requests of these individuals described with candor their mistakes with drugs and highlighted their efforts to stay sober and become productive members of their communities.

“Throughout my administration, I have worked tirelessly with legislative leaders, local officials and advocates to wipe out the tragic impacts that substance abuse and addiction have had on the people of the Commonwealth,” Gov. Beshear said. “A significant part of that strategy has been a focus on treatment, to help these individuals have a fighting chance at staying clean and turning their lives around. After carefully considering the details of each of these cases, I am convinced that these individuals deserve a second chance at life with a clean record.”

Of the 10 women:

  • Two of them are currently on parole and had their sentences commuted to time served. They are Barbara S. Sarabia, of Versailles, and Pearlie Sue Gambrel, of Flatlick.
  • Four of the women are currently incarcerated and also had their sentences commuted to time served. They are Donna Wheeler, Laurie Andrade and Judy Lee, all at Western Kentucky Correctional Complex, and Stacey Wigginton, at Kentucky Correctional Institute for Women.
  • Three of the women had completed their sentences and were granted pardons. They are Teresa Vincent, of Campbellsburg, Gabrielle Cecil, of Louisville, and Tamara E. Wilson, of Somerset.
  • Cheryl McCafferty, of Fredonia, who is currently incarcerated at Western Kentucky Correctional Complex, received a pardon.

Others pardoned:

Last Name First Name Middle Name Suffix City State
Adams Billy Blake Maysville KY
Akins Alicia Chantell Paducah KY
Back Charles Jerome Nebo KY
Baker Francis Lee Lexington KY
Barlow Bruce Thomas Somerset KY
Belew Joseph Leonard Oak Grove KY
Bennett Christopher Ray Edmonton KY
Besselman Leona Gail Jeffersonville KY
Bickett John Paul Bardstown KY
Birch Rowlando Ray Danville KY
Bishop Michael Ray Louisville KY
Blair Travis G. Georgetown KY
Blaisdell Amber L Lexington KY
Booker Keith Lavelle Mt. Washington KY
Bowman Allison Ann Lexington KY
Boyd Dillard Shawn Prestonsburg KY
Brickey Justin Dale Sandy Hook KY
Brown Jenny Lee Dunnville KY
Brownlee Jesse Frankfort KY
Bryant Angelia Shaw Russell Springs KY
Burkins Ronald Lewis Henderson KY
Burton Robert William Columbia KY
Bybee Joseph Cole Cadiz KY
Carney Christopher Lynn Campbellsville KY
Carroll Preston Wade Sandy Hook KY
Carson Philip Gaines Dallas TX
Cash Regina Lee Park Hills KY
Chapman Mark Anthony Salt Lick KY
Choate James Brent Shepherdsville KY
Ciampa Peter Robert Paducah KY
Cima Anthony Joseph Gray KY
Clark Michael Warren Frankfort KY
Clark Mabel Lynette Hopkinsville KY
Clay Cassandra Denise Lexington KY
Cochran Jeffrey Lewis Princeton KY
Collins Janice Calista Louisville KY
Collinsworth Amber Nicole Salyersville KY
Colson Larry Thomas LaCenter KY
Combest Keith Casey II Henderson KY
Cone John Luke Benton KY
Cook Aprile Leigh Topmost KY
Corbin Claude Michael Jr. Lexington KY
Corde Erica Dawn Lexington KY
Coyle Justin Louis Lebanon KY
Craddock Donald Ray Dry Ridge KY
Craft Jerry Denton Glasgow KY
Crandal Robin Marie Louisville KY
Cunningham Horace Alton III Calvert City KY
Dagnan Christopher A Ezel KY
Dame Clayton Eugene Benton KY
Davis Tammy LaToyia Clarksville TN
Dearing Gregory Eric Louisville KY
Eisner Cathy Ann Louisville KY
Ellis Freddie Garland Sr. Harrogate TN
Emery Chad Ernest Cloverport KY
Ezell Reginald Eugene Louisville KY
Farmer Deanna Lynn Louisville KY
Fields Larry Christopher Pikeville KY
Finegan Brian M. Louisville KY
Finney Patrick Curtis Paducah KY
Fletcher Lisa Kay Hopkinsville KY
Fluharty John Paul Frankfort KY
Fogarty Patrick Michael Louisville KY
Foster Thomas Albert Jr. Liberty KY
Frields Amy Nicole Henderson KY
Fullenwider Steven Eric Lewisport KY
Gardner Shawn Lamont Louisville KY
George Morgan Ramsey Bluefield VA
George Rachel Lane Memphis TN
Gevedon Travis Gerome Charleston SC
Gibson Rachel Renee Elsmere KY
Gibson Kenneth Omar Jr. Madisonville KY
Goods JoAnne Lexington KY
Goodwin Justin Allen Lexington SC
Grantham Max Kevin LaCenter KY
Green Rickey Joe Louisville KY
Gregory Terry Manchester KY
Haggard Daniel Wayne Paris KY
Hale Jayson Ryan Mousie KY
Hale Wesley Everett Paducah KY
Harbour Debra Sue Crescent Springs KY
Hatchell Charles Thomas Louisville KY
Heinze Daniel P. Louisville KY
Henderson Wesley Alan Crestwood KY
Henson James Anthony Manchester KY
Herrington Brittany Jayde Argillite KY
Hiser Michael D. Shepherdsville KY
Honeycutt Billy Joe Park City KY
Hoover Christopher Clark Lexington KY
Hughes Stephanie Ann Union KY
Hutchinson Kelly Gene Bardwell KY
Hutchinson Samuel James Ezel KY
Jefferson Jennifer Lexington KY
Johnson Justin Reed Vine Grove KY
Jones John Rogers Henderson KY
Jones Stephen Alexander Lexington KY
Jones Marcus Todd Owingsville KY
Jones Gerald Kenneth Perryville KY
Karnes Brandon Wayne Louisville KY
Kelley Phillip J. Glasgow KY
Killebrew Lesel Anthony Hopkinsville KY
Lafferty Regena Ann Georgetown KY
Lancaster William Burgess Middlesboro KY
Lay Aaron Joesph West Point KY
Lester Alan Keith Yalaha FL
Lester Earl Sanders Munfordville KY
Letcher Delma Louise Richmond KY
Littrell Sarah Diane Henderson KY
Lochner Marc Kenneth Louisville KY
Logue Michael Travis Lexington KY
Loy Daniel Scott Louisville KY
Lykins Brian Christopher Louisville KY
Manning Michael T. Verona KY
May Mark Anthony Lexington KY
McCoy Joanna Dale Wilton Manors FL
McFarland Daryl Carter Georgetown KY
McIntyre Connie G. Ewing KY
Milby Jordan Wayne Owensboro KY
Miller Brian Gale Island KY
Moore Earl Marsen III Hindman KY
Morgan David Jay Regina KY
Mudd Kenneth Lee Louisville KY
Naghtin Walter Ray Cerulean KY
Nash Barbara Mahaffey Paris KY
Newsome Robert I Bardwell KY
Norsworthy Eric Alan Hartford KY
Nunnelley Janie LaVerne Cynthiana KY
O’Donley Sean Christopher Elizabethtown KY
Oldham Marci Kay Madisonville KY
Outlaw Bruce Cameron White Plains KY
Paige Charles Steven Hopkinsville KY
Peebles Linda Gaye Morningview KY
Pendleton Alexander Chad Russell Springs KY
Phillips Lawrence Dewayne Vine Grove KY
Raglin Stephanie Arnetta Versailles KY
Rankin Racynnio Kippe Louisville KY
Redd Marvin Leroy Paramount CA
Reed James Matthew Means KY
Reffitt Michael Lynn Morehead KY
Richards Curtis Arthur Lexington KY
Richardson William Ryan Rockville MD
Riley Jeffrey L. Lexington KY
Robertson Alexander Hamilton III Lexington KY
Rolley Jamie Lloyd Graham KY
Sanders Erin Nichole Lebanon KY
Sandifer Richard Dwayne Frankfort KY
Scott Loren Maxwell Danville KY
Sizemore William Hager Falcon KY
Smith Raymond David Jr. Sandy Hook KY
Snook Howard Arlen Louisville KY
Stevens Richard Andrew Radcliff KY
Stinnett Shelby L. Nicholasville KY
Sullivan Kristen Kays Crescent Springs KY
Sullivan Clay Andrew Falmouth KY
Tackett Brandon James Winchester KY
Taylor Roy Arthur August KY
Taylor Frank Brannon Frankfort KY
Teague Joshua Lee Williamsburg KY
Texas Stephanie Kaye Henderson KY
Thacker Trevor Lee Ashcamp KY
Thurston Patrick William Lexington KY
Tipton Stanley Thomas Prestonsburg KY
Tolhurst Timi-Michelle LaTondress Ekron KY
Townsend Darin Keith Dixon KY
Travis Terry James Walton KY
Tyler Jonathan Zane Jr. Hoyt KS
Uresti Shirley Ann Winchester KY
Vincent William Ervin Louisville KY
Watkins Paula Ann Louisville KY
Weaks John Michael Farmington KY
Webb Chad Eric Pikeville KY
Weldon Wesley Scott Lexington KY
Wellman Timothy Wayne Jr. Nicholasville KY
Whitaker Jason Randall Somerset KY
Whitledge Jennifer Lynn Owensboro KY
Willett Thomas Leon Mayfield KY
Williams Terry Lee Lebanon KY
Williams Donna Michelle Morehead KY
Wilson Mallie Deronna Hazard KY
Wilson Tanith Jo Junction City KY
Wilson Laura Lowery Somerset KY
Withers Steven Cory Covington KY
Witt Jennifer Leann Harlan KY
Wofford Robert Henry Harrodsburg KY
Wonn Perl Jay IV Ft. Pierce FL
Woods Eddie L. Louisville KY
Wooten Gary Wayne Versailles KY
Wright Barrett Alan Bowling Green KY
Wright Samuel E. Bowling Green KY
Wright Brian William Louisville KY
Yates William Thomas Nortonville KY
Yelverton Bertie Louise Louisville KY
York Carl Edward Lancaster KY