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Baptist Health joins Guardian Research Network

One of four healthcare systems to join network

SPARTBANBURG, S.C. (Dec. 9 2015) — Baptist Health is one of four healthcare systems to join the Guardian Research Network (GRN). The others are Bon Secours Health System, Mercy and Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System. Overall, the four healthcare systems encompass 76 hospitals in nine states.

Guardian is a national consortium of healthcare organizations that uses a sophisticated, unparalleled data collection and warehousing system to gather information on hundreds of thousands of patients, according to Guardian.

Data is evaluated with the most advanced healthcare research and analytic methods that result in bringing cutting-edge therapies specifically targeted to each patient’s cancer. Patients whose hospitals are participating with GRN will now have access to leading cancer treatment therapies close to home.

“Baptist Health is excited about the opportunity to be a member of the Guardian Research Network (GRN),” said Timothy Jahn, MD, Chief Clinical Officer of Baptist Health. “Participation in GRN offers Baptist cancer patients a personalized approach to the care and treatment of their disease in their own communities.”

GRN offers the most comprehensive system that follows strict HIPAA regulations to search and rapidly identify patients who are eligible for clinical trials. This rapid patient-to-trial identification process will significantly reduce the time it takes to enroll a patient in the most advanced clinical trials available.

By 2020, GRN will encompass one million actionable patients with full clinical, imaging, laboratory and significant molecular profiles.