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Covington Board of Commissioners approves three historic preservation grants

Includes Northern Kentucky Restoration Weekend

COVINGTON, Ky. (Jan. 28, 2016) — Covington’s Board of Commissioner’s approved grants for three historic preservation projects during its Tuesday meeting.

a56f692e-b878-416e-b06c-6e8cc875c9f3The board approved a $3,000 grant for the 2017 Northern Kentucky Restoration Weekend. The educational workshop, now in its sixth year, focuses on preservation education for historic homeowners and is free to participants. Past topics have included historic wood windows, energy efficiency, tax credits, and historic landscaping.

Another grant was approved for the hiring of a consultant to conduct a historic resources survey of the MainStrasse Historic Preservation Overlay Zone. The survey will identify which structures in the historic neighborhood are considered contributing or non-contributing. The contributing or non-contributing status of a structure has a significant impact on the types of alternations allowed. Currently, Covington does not have a historic survey of MainStrasse.

The third application is for the hiring of a consultant to complete a nomination of Devou Park to the National Register of Historic Places. Listing on the National Register recognizes the historic significance of a location. Devou Park has a rich history, with several Civil War batteries located on the western end and serving Covington as a place for recreation since the early 1900s.

Each application has a 40 percent cost match requirement. Covington plans on providing the match through staff time rather than City funds.

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