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Nolin RECC earns Governor’s Safety and Health Award

Worked more than 500,000 hours without lost time injury or illness

FRANKFORT, Ky. (April 13, 2016) — Nolin RECC in Elizabethtown today was presented a Governor’s Safety and Health Award for its dedication toward workplace safety.

“Nolin RECC has now amassed 500,000 hours over two years without a lost time injury or illness,” Deputy Secretary Mike Nemes said. “On behalf of Gov. Bevin and the Kentucky Labor Cabinet, I am privileged to congratulate all 98 employees on this significant achievement and wish to thank them for the priority that they place on maintaining a culture of safety.”

Nolin RECC is a Touchstone Energy Cooperative serving electricity to about 34,000 members living in Hardin, LaRue and portions of seven surrounding counties.

“Our highest priority at Nolin RECC is to work safe so that we can all go home to our families at the end of each day,” said Mickey Miller, president and CEO. “When you work around 7,200 volts of energized electricity, safety has to be foremost. Holding regular safety meetings and training throughout the year helps us to maintain a safe work environment and mindset, and Nolin RECC and its employees are extremely proud to accept this award.”

The Kentucky Labor Cabinet presents the Governor’s Safety and Health Award to highlight outstanding safety and health performance in Kentucky’s workplaces. A business may qualify for the award if its employees achieve a required number of hours worked without experiencing a lost time injury or illness. The required number of hours is dependent upon the number of employees.