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Prison attains third consecutive 100 percent in re-accreditation audit

Green River receives near perfect score

FRANKFORT, Ky. (May 29, 2012) — Western Kentucky Correctional Complex (WKCC) in Fredonia received a perfect score on its accreditation process this week with the American Correctional Association (ACA). This is the third consecutive 100 percent score for the prison and WKCC is the first institution in Kentucky to accomplish this honor. It was also the first audit since the prison was converted to a female institution in 2010.

Green River Correctional Complex (GRCC) in Central City received a score of 99.8 percent on its ACA re-accreditation audit that was also conducted this week

James Allen, ACA chairperson for both audits, praised the two facilities for receiving such a high score.

“It is evident to us that WKCC is an excellent institution with excellent staff,” said Allen who also noted the professionalism demonstrated by WKCC staff during the three-day audit. “This takes a lot of work from everyone, from the most entry level position all the way up to the warden,” he said. Another audit team member, Pattie Stover, an executive staff member from the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, said it was clear WKCC staff are very proud of the facility, adding the institution “had a family-like atmosphere.”

At GRCC, Allen said the institution was extremely clean and looked as new as when it first opened in 1994. He said the professionalism and hospitality of staff was “second to none” and as a result, reflected in the prison’s audit. This was Allen’s second time to conduct an audit at GRCC, and he said the institution “had made great strides in the last six years” since his previous inspection.

“I am very pleased with the audits scores of WKCC and GRCC,” said Corrections Deputy Commissioner James Erwin. “Scores of 100 percent and 99.8 percent on ACA audits are exceptional, and we are obviously quite proud of this result. It demonstrates the effort by staff, and shows both the quality of their performance and the commitment to professional correctional service that they demonstrate day in and day out.”

ACA consists of over 500 national standards that cover security, operational and programming aspects of a prison and require constant monitoring and quality control checks. Each prison is audited by ACA every three years and has an inter-departmental audit (Program Security Review) every year. Kentucky has been a member of ACA since the early 1980s. The prison became the first medium-security institution in Kentucky to receive a 100 percent on its re-accreditation audit in 2006 and now has set another record by becoming the first medium-security prison to achieve a perfect score on consecutive audits. Each prison is audited by the American Correctional Association (ACA) every three years and has an inter-departmental audit (Program Security Review) every year.


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