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Kentucky Labor Cabinet announces 13-stop Litigation Management System training

System to be launched in the fall

FRANKFORT, Ky. (July 7, 2016) — The Kentucky Labor Cabinet today announce a 13-stop Litigation Management System (LMS) statewide training tour for people in the Kentucky workers’ compensation system.

“The LMS is a web-based application that will transform how the workers’ compensation community currently files and manages claims by streamlining current processes,” Secretary Derrick Ramsey said. “The launch of this system has been much-anticipated because it will modernize the cumbersome paper-based workflow that is currently in place — bringing increased transparency, timeliness, and accuracy to the process. This instructional tour will help demonstrate how the Labor Cabinet is increasing efficiency and providing improved customer service for all Kentuckians.”

When it is completed in the fall LMS will: Provide stakeholders the ability to initiate and administer a claim online, including web submission of forms; Provide dashboards to key stakeholders for the management of workers’ compensation cases; Replace paper documents currently filed with the Department of Workers’ Claims; and, provide claims management support to Administrative Law Judges and the Workers’ Compensation Board and provide increased confidentiality of sensitive information.

LMS will provide users (e.g. claimants, employers, insurance carriers, attorneys and the Dept. of Workers’ Claims) with web-based forms that will increase the capability for interested parties to share access to a claim. It will also greatly improve the scope of the workers’ compensation system by notifying interested users, via email, when Proof of Coverage is reported as “cancelled” to the Department of Workers’ Claims.