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Bellarmine receives $1.5 million grant from Norton Healthcare’s James R. Petersdorf Fund

Grant will focus on sports health, education and health services

LOUISVILLE (Aug. 15, 2016) — Bellarmine University today announced it has been awarded a $1.5 million grant by Norton Healthcare’s James R. Petersdorf Fund. The grant is to be disbursed over the course of five years and offer multiple layers of health care-related support for students as well as faculty and staff.

The grant will be used for: Continued support for nursing education in Bellarmine’s Lansing School of Nursing & Health Sciences
Enhanced support for student athletes by Norton Sports Health through the Bellarmine Sports Medicine office Development of new learning space for Bellarmine’s Institute for Advanced Analytics Expanded access to health services for Bellarmine’s students

“Bellarmine is proud of our substantial, long-term collaboration with Norton Healthcare, as embodied in our Norton Health Science Center, which opened in 2004,” said Dr. Doris Tegart, Bellarmine’s interim president. “Norton’s continued generosity is overwhelming. These new funds will have an immediate impact on the health of our students, and a long-term impact on the community’s health, by supporting the talented students we’re educating for future roles as health care leaders throughout Louisville and the region.”

The James R. Petersdorf Fund is named for Norton’s former president and chief executive officer. Petersdorf served Norton Healthcare for more than 24 years. He was named chief executive officer in 1987 and passed away that same year.

“Norton Healthcare and Bellarmine University have partnered together on multiple projects over the past 20 years,” said Russell F. Cox, president, Norton Healthcare. “The additional grant from the James R. Petersdorf Fund over the next five years will expand our partnership around our shared goals of increasing the number of skilled health care workers in this community.”

Over and above the traditional educational support offered through grants of this nature, the funds will also assist with Bellarmine University’s health and wellness initiatives including an onsite clinic with expanded hours of service; the addition of wellness, education and prevention offerings; access to e-visits and tele-visits; and implementation of technology and other resources to assist in coordination of care needs.

“Norton Healthcare welcomes the opportunity to expand the relationship beyond the classroom and into the everyday health and wellness of faculty and staff as well as students,” said Cox. “We look forward to expanding the Norton Sports Medicine program to provide sports trainers and medical guidance to all of the university’s athletics teams and a health and wellness clinic for students, faculty and staff.”