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Record number of Kentucky businesses filed annual reports online

Nearly 148,000 filed online

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Oct. 3, 2016) — Nearly 148,000 Kentucky businesses filed their annual reports online this year with the Secretary of State’s office, beating last year’s record of 138,000, Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes today announced.

Every entity authorized to do business in the commonwealth is required to file a report with the Secretary of State annually, per Kentucky law, by June 30 each year. The office granted a grace period until Sept. 30 to meet the filing requirement and sent several notices urging businesses to comply with the statutory requirement.

Nearly 200,000 entities filed their annual reports, representing approximately 92 percent of all businesses filed with the Secretary of State. About 16,900 businesses—the smallest number during Grimes’ term—have been administratively dissolved or their authority to do business revoked due to failure to file the report.

“One of my goals as Secretary of State has been to reduce the time businesses have to spend interacting with government so they can actually go about creating jobs and building a stronger Kentucky economy,” Grimes said. “Since I took office, we’ve been communicating with businesses about how they can take advantage of the online tools our office provides, and since then, we’ve seen a 35 percent increase in the number of businesses filing online.”

The annual report filing requirement applies to all of the corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, limited liability partnerships, business trusts and professional service corporations registered in the commonwealth.