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Kentucky begins processing tax refunds earlier than expected

Begins today instead of Feb. 15

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Feb. 10, 2017) – Kentucky taxpayers who have submitted their individual tax returns and are expecting a refund will not have to wait any longer for processing.

Kentucky Department of Revenue’s (DOR) tax return testing and processing was completed earlier than planned and refund checks are being processed now, nearly a week before the original Feb. 15 date.

“The Kentucky Department of Revenue’s number one priority is our commitment to providing our taxpayers with an efficient, safe and cost-effective method of filing tax returns,” said Daniel P. Bork, commissioner of the Department of Revenue. “Our team has worked tirelessly to get all of our processes updated and fine-tuned. This is a product of that great planning and preparation work.”

Another reason the processing began earlier than anticipated, is the willingness of taxpayers to file electronically.

“Electronic filing is more efficient and reduces costs for all involved,” said Commissioner Bork. “Faster processing leads to quicker refunds and happier clients and taxpayers. We are pleased that many taxpayers are using this preferred option and seeing the benefits.”

E-filed returns are typically processed within two to three weeks for taxpayers who choose the direct deposit option, while paper checks take an additional week to process.

Paper filed returns can take up to eight to twelve weeks to process.

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