Unify Water to donate 100 gallons of water for every bottle sold on World Water Day

On March 22

LEXINGTON, Ky. (March 16, 2017) — Lexington-based Unify Water, which for every bottle of water sold in stores or on-line, donates one gallon of water to an area where there is limited access to clean drinking water, will up that to 100 gallons of water for every bottle sold on World Water Day on March 22.

imgres-2Also on World Water Day, Unify Water’s H20 Initiative is relaunching its ‘map of impact’ to allow consumers to select where they would like their water donation to go by simply entering the last five digits of the bottle’s SKU code and clicking on a green highlighted area on the global map.

Since launching in June 2016, Unify Water has donated more than one million gallons of water to two communities in West Kenya through their partnership with The Water Project, along with donating 20,000 bottles to the Flint, Mich. and Gatlinburg, Tenn. communities, and another 30,000 gallons to West Virginia, Florida and Louisiana. In 2017, Unify Water projects will donate mored than 50 million gallons.

“My hope is for Unify Water to become the most impactful consumer product ever,” said Joshua Sizemore, CEO of Unify Water. “I absolutely believe that we can have an effect on water stricken communities around the world. Helping people gain access to water is our priority, and building Unify Water into a socially-driven, global premium water brand, is essential to accomplishing this mission.”

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