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Morehead State University receives $1.2M grant for 34 MSUTeach scholarships

Must agree to teach STEM skills 2 years in underserved area

MSUTeach-E-(1)MOREHEAD, Ky. (May 4, 2017) — National Science Foundation’s Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship program has awarded Morehead State University a $1.2 million grant, which will provide 34 scholarships, up to $10,000 for up to two years, for junior and senior MSUTeach students. Applications for the scholarships will be available in the fall.

As a condition of the acceptance of the scholarship, MSU Noyce Scholars agree to serve as a STEM teacher in a high-need local educational agency for two years, for each full-year of a scholarship received, to be fulfilled within eight years after completing the program.

MSU will collaborate with Carter, Fleming, and Rowan County School Districts in Kentucky and the Bronx, New York New World High School.

The grant supports MSU’s program “Preparing Secondary Teachers of Mathematics and Science in Rural Districts,” aimed at recruiting undergraduate majors in biology, chemistry, earth science, mathematics or physics to prepare them to become secondary science and mathematics teachers. The project is designed to increase the number of undergraduate STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathmatics) majors becoming secondary STEM teachers in the high-need districts of rural Eastern Kentucky.

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