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Department of Revenue has processed more than 1.5 million tax returns

Processed 1.2 million refunds

FRANKFORT, Ky. (May 5, 2017) —  The Kentucky Department of Revenue (DOR) is winding down its busiest time, individual income tax season.

Taking a current look at the Individual Income Tax season, DOR has:

  • Received over 1.6 million returns
  • Processed more than 1.5 million individual tax returns
  • Processed nearly 1.2 million refunds totaling approximately $460 million in refunds to Kentucky taxpayers

The 2017 tax season has been more efficient than 2016. The average number of days to process an individual income tax refund request dropped to 7.75 days, down from 10.6 days in 2016.

DOR has also seen an improvement in how taxpayer phone calls are received. DOR staff has answered nearly 116,000 calls from taxpayers, which is nearly 10,000 more than last year. However, due to hard work and an improved phone system, the average hold time per caller is under five minutes.

Another phone feature implemented this year has improved the call experience for taxpayers. DOR launched a taxpayer call back feature in April and nearly 4,000 taxpayers have used this time saving option to communicate with DOR.

Earlier this month, the Kentucky Department of Revenue Direct to Distributor online Cigarette Tax Stamp Ordering System went live. Now, licensed wholesalers can order and pay for cigarette tax stamps using a convenient web-based application. The new system makes ordering tax stamps easier, faster and more efficient.

In the past, wholesalers had to mail orders in or come directly to DOR in Frankfort to submit and pick up orders. With the new system, third party vendor Meyercord directly ships all orders from its fulfillment center to licensed stamping facilities.