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State launches portal for commercial driver’s license holders to submit documents

136,000 CDL holders in Kentucky

FRANKFORT, Ky. (May 22, 2017) — The state today launched a web portal to make it easier to submit commercial driver’s license (CDL) paperwork.

“We are pleased to offer our 136,000 CDL customers a modernized, secure method to submit documents,” said John-Mark Hack, commissioner of the Department of Vehicle Regulation (DVR). “By submitting applications and self-certifications and uploading medical examiner’s certificates and waivers to the My CDL portal, commercial drivers will save time and money, receive document status updates electronically and remain on the road without disruption to their daily schedules.”

According to Census Bureau data compiled by National Public Radio, the most widespread occupation in Kentucky has belonged to truck, delivery and tractor drivers from 1988-2014. Kentucky’s DDL call center staff and commercial driver’s license section support these drivers on a daily basis.

“In April alone, our CDL section received almost 6,000 calls,” said Matt Cole, director of the Division of Driver Licensing. “This type of call volume caused us to pause and evaluate how to provide great service to our customers utilizing technology and available resources.”

My CDL offers several functions that will reduce the need for CDL holders and applicants to seek customer support. Last year, commercial drivers in Kentucky submitted 149,820 CDL applications, medical examiner’s certificates and self-certifications – all manually processed by state employees and federally funded temporary staff. In 2016, Kentucky was notified federal funds would no longer be issued for temporary CDL support staff, accelerating the need to manage an increased workload with a lighter workforce.

By accessing the portal commercial drivers can now complete their CDL application and self-certification online and upload a picture of their medical examiner’s certificate and waiver from any smartphone, PC, laptop or tablet. Visitors to the site will initially be redirected to the Kentucky Business One Stop portal to create a KBOS account. Users will then gain admittance to the My CDL portal, where they can begin submitting CDL paperwork.

Each time a document is submitted, the My CDL user will receive an email confirmation. Within 10 days of submitting their paperwork, users will be alerted via email whether their reviewed documents meet federal guidelines or require further attention.