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Ky.-designed app rewards safe driving, aims to curb texting-and-driving

Passing-Lane---texting-appMoved by the needless trauma of tragic deaths and injuries resulting from distracted driving, a Louisville advertising executive and digital agency have teamed up to build a mobile app designed to heighten awareness of the dangers of distracted driving. 

John McCafferty, president of Louisville-based McCafferty Advertising, brainstormed the idea behind the Drive2Win app and says it is the first of its kind to reward players for keeping their hands off their mobile devices while behind the wheel.

“I have always wanted an opportunity to use my creativity for making a difference in society,” said McCafferty.  “Research shows that more than 75 percent of drivers who text-and-drive believe they can do so safely.  That’s a huge problem.  If people use the app, which will reward them for safe driving, this game could change people’s habits – and save lives.”

According to the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety, state data collected in 2015 reports more than 58,000 collisions where driver distraction was noted as a factor.  These crashes resulted in more than 15,000 injuries and 182 fatalities.  These numbers account for 43 percent of total crashes and 24 percent of the total fatal crashes occurring on Kentucky roadways last year.  Primary causes of driver inattention include cell phone and mobile device use (calling and texting), adjusting the radio, talking to passengers, and eating or drinking.

For the last 18 months, McCafferty has been working alongside Mediaura, a Jeffersonville, Ind.-based digital agency, on the design and functionality of the app. Louisville-based Becker Law Office is underwriting the creation of the Drive2Win mobile app, which complements much of the firm’s marketing messages admonishing distracted driving.

The Drive2Win creators are launching the game in Louisville with plans to roll it out later throughout Kentucky and eventually nationwide.  For more information about the Drive2Win app and links to iTunes and Google Play app downloads, visit Drive2Win.com.


The Drive2Win app is available for iPhone and Android users in the iTunes App Store and Google Play.  Here is how it works:

• Player downloads Drive2Win app and touches screen icon when starting each trip.

• Once the car is in motion, the app immediately begins to track trip distance and time and earn points.

• Players may cash in accumulated points for various prizes, including food and entertainment rewards. Rewards will change constantly and primarily come from locally based businesses.

• The app’s leaderboard shows where you rank compared to other players.

• If a player chooses to make a phone call or text while driving, the opportunity to collect points is immediately halted until they return to the app.

• Other opportunities for winning points include “Trivia Tuesdays”, when extra points will be rewarded for correct answers to questions about distracted driving. Other chances to score extra points include opportunities to scan QR codes featured in Becker Law Office ads.