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Director of contact lenses named at Kentucky College of Optometry

Donald J. Egan
Donald J. Egan

Curriculum has been developed

PIKEVILLE, Ky. (June 22, 2017) — Donald J. Egan, O.D., FAAO, professor at the University of Pikeville-Kentucky College of Optometry (KYCO), has been appointed the director of contact lenses. The curriculum has been developed to include a full cornea contact lens, specialty contact lens didactic and clinical program.

Since contact lenses and contact lens services have a primary role in both the optometric curriculum and the national board of optometry examinations, it is necessary to have proven, competent leadership overseeing these programs.

“In his position, Dr. Egan will be responsible for the creation, development and execution of the contact lens course and laboratory,” said Andrew Buzzelli, O.D., M.S., vice president for optometric education and founding dean of KYCO. “He will be the prime motivator in starting the university’s clinic programs with these special areas. We all wish him the best success in this new area of responsibility.”

The Kentucky College of Optometry is the fourth college under the University of Pikeville banner and reflects the institution’s mission of service and strategic initiatives. The American Council for Optometric Education has granted the Kentucky College of Optometry the pre-accreditation classification of “Preliminary Approval.”