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Mercy Health joins the AVIA Innovator Network


CHICAGO, Il. (Dec. 13, 2017) – Mercy Health, a Catholic health ministry serving Ohio and Kentucky, announces that it has joined AVIA, the nation’s leading network for health systems seeking to innovate and transform by unlocking the power of digital.

“Building an ecosystem of innovation partners is critical to achieving our vision of transforming care delivery across our ministry,” said John M. Starcher, Jr., president and chief executive officer, Mercy Health. “We recognize that some of the most innovative solutions may come from outside our organization and have joined the AVIA Innovator Network to accelerate the identification, adoption and dissemination of high-impact digital innovations.”

In partnership with over two dozen health system innovation centers across the United States and the United Kingdom, AVIA has created a field-tested methodology for health systems to develop an “innovation blueprint,” including customized organizational structures and repeatable processes to enhance an organization’s innovation capacity.

In announcing the new collaboration, David Cannady, Mercy Health’s chief strategy officer, said, “Collaborating with two dozen innovative health systems in AVIA’s Innovator Network will significantly accelerate our ability to achieve our innovation objectives.”

“We are thrilled to be Mercy Health’s innovation partner and look forward to collaborating with a visionary team that is firmly committed to hardwiring innovation throughout the organization,” said Jason Lineen, AVIA vice president of strategy, who is leading the innovation blueprint engagement with Mercy Health.

“By recognizing the digital innovation imperative, Mercy Health is becoming more agile and effective to better serve its patients,” said Eric Langshur, CEO and co-founder of AVIA.