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AG Beshear says net neutrality is harmful to Kentucky families

Andy Beshear
Andy Beshear

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Jan. 5, 2018) – Attorney General Andy Beshear said his office is reviewing the 540-page final order issued this week by the Federal Communications Commission or FCC to repeal Net Neutrality, and stands ready for a legal fight to protect Kentucky families from the federal agency’s harmful actions.

The FCC voted to rollback Net Neutrality regulations Dec. 14, and made the final rule public Thursday, Jan. 4. The rule would take effect upon approval by the federal Office of Management and Budget and 60 days after publication in the Federal Register.

Beshear announced in December that he strongly opposed the FCC’s changes to Net Neutrality, and in fact, had asked the FCC to delay any rollbacks given his concerns over fraud in the public comments process on how any changes would affect the everyday lives of Kentuckians.

Since that time, Beshear has heard from dozens of Kentuckians who have detailed how any rollbacks to free and open internet service would affect them.

A retired Northern Kentucky teacher told Beshear: “I am concerned about the effect this will have every single day in each and every classroom across Kentucky.”

A Central Kentucky farmer explained how the rollback would impact her family’s business: “I am the wife of a small farmer who relies on the internet to find customers and market his products. The repeal of Net Neutrality has the potential to make our lives very hard.”

A Kentucky college student who takes her classes online said maintaining Net Neutrality is the only way for her to “have complete access to affordable internet.”

Beshear is working with a coalition of attorneys general to review the final order and to take legal action.

“With the move by the FCC this week to continue with its plan, I have no choice but to join legal action to protect Kentucky families from this sweeping and harmful policy change.”