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FRANKFORT: Energy and Environment Cabinet releases 2011 energy profile

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Jan. 19, 2012) – The 2011 Kentucky Energy Profile, produced by the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet, is now available. The profile provides a detailed annual snapshot, as well as a historical perspective, of Kentucky’s energy production and consumption. The profile also provides a comparison of Kentucky’s energy consumption and energy intensity with all other states.

The second edition of the profile is offered to the public as an impartial reference for data regarding energy within the Commonwealth and provides a foundation for discussing Kentucky’s energy future. Notable facts from the profile include:

• In 2009, citizens, institutions, and firms spent more than $17.4 billion on energy commodities and energy consumption in Kentucky, representing 11 percent of state GDP.

• Kentucky was the fifth largest producer of energy in the United States in 2009. Deriving production through coal, natural gas, crude oil, and renewable resources, Kentucky maintained its ranking compared with 2008. Additionally, in 2010, Kentucky held its position as the third largest producer of coal in the United States. Realizing output from two distinct geological basins, the Central Appalachian Basin in the east and the Illinois Basin in the west, statewide production for 2010 reached over 105 million tons.

• Kentucky was the 18th largest consumer of energy versus all other states, and ranked No. 8 in terms of total energy consumption per capita in 2009. In the same year Kentucky ranked ninth nationally in terms of residential energy consumption per capita.

• The industrial sector was the largest consumer of energy in 2009, accounting for approximately 43 percent of total energy consumption. Compared across states, the proportional size of Kentucky’s industrial sector is notably larger than the national average, and is reflective of the importance of industry to the economy of the Commonwealth.

• The industrial sector in Kentucky consumes nearly half of all electricity consumed in the state. This proportion is second highest in the country, double the national average for the industrial sector, and reflects the substantial electricity requirements of manufacturing firms in the Commonwealth. Overall, the breakdown of electricity demand in Kentucky is the function of a heavily industrialized, electricity-intensive economy, a less economically prominent commercial sector, and a residential sector which utilizes a variety of fuel sources for home heating applications.

The profile can be found at energy.ky.gov.