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Cybersecurity | That Ad Is Following Me!

Tracking cookies collect personal data but aren’t a business attack risk

By Lorie Hailey

The meeting starts in 10 minutes, your report is first on the agenda, and the printer is acting up again. You pace in front of the printer, willing it to just work this time, but the error light starts flashing. You shake your head and go back to you
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  • Lots of good work here. As a Google and Bing Accredited digital marketing practitioner who spends every work day in this space, I hope you don’t mind me playing devil’s advocate from the advertisers and business POV. Programmatic advertising is a godsend for business, simply stated. It has revolutionized marketing and in some ways leveled the playing field.

    Imagine being a patio store but not being able to target local homeowners for your Spring promotion with a limited budget? With programmatic, you can even target local homeowners who are in the market for lawn furniture, have recently been looking at landscaping services and have disposable income. You won’t have any idea who they are *exactly* – but you can choose to show ads to the PERSONA meeting these criteria. Everyone wins.

    Well, everyone who does it well wins. This morning I saw ads for forklift parts. Not something I use often here at BuzzMaven. I have seen ads for tractor trailer safety equipment and, lord help us, scented candles.

    Access to programmatic/targeted advertising marketplaces provides businesses a much better option than random methods that existed before. These would drain ad/marketing budgets with minimal results or ability to optimize – limiting potential and even causing many businesses to close.

    The legitimate and smart use of targeted ads can level the playing field in a market increasingly dominated by huge, automated marketplaces.

    There is cognitive dissonance in play: Surveys show 70-80% of consumers prefer this kind of relevance in ads they see, but only 17% agree with tracking. I’d guess nearly 100% of business owners favor programmatic availability. I think the reason for the huge disparity is a lack of understanding of technology – including how the targeting is to a persona, not a person, on most major networks.

    GDPR/CCPA and other is a healthy consumer-focused framework allowing people to opt-out as they wish are going to permeate the web. We’ll see how many actually do. I’m predicting under 5%.

    Scott Clark
    BuzzMaven, Inc. – Lexington