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DOI’s Fraud Division receives accreditation

FRANKFORT, Ky. — The Kentucky Department of Insurance’s (DOI) Division of Insurance Fraud Investigation continues its vital work of protecting the public by earning accreditation from the Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police (KACP).

The Fraud Division has spent the past year preparing for this accreditation, which required amending policies and procedures, updating training and equipment, ensuring officer safety needs were met, and records were maintained properly.

“As a citizen, this is good news,” said DOI Commissioner Nancy Atkins. “The accreditation program gives Division Director Willie Skeens and his team of insurance fraud investigators the tools necessary to ensure that all policies and procedures conform to the most up-to-date professional law enforcement standards and best practices, and provides a basis to correct deficiencies in the agency’s operations.

“In addition, accreditation builds a stronger defense against lawsuits, increases communities’ confidence in the department, and has the potential to reduce liability costs,” said Atkins.

State accreditation through KACP is not mandatory. Participation demonstrates DOI’s commitment to professional excellence in the Commonwealth. The overall goal of the accreditation program is to promote professionalism and improve the delivery of law enforcement services. KACP evaluates agencies for re-accreditation every five years.

Currently, there are 115 agencies accredited in Kentucky, including the Public Protection Cabinet’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

The Kentucky fraud team is no stranger to setting standards. Since Jan. 1, 2016, DOI’s Fraud Division has successfully prosecuted cases totaling more than $7.9 million in court-ordered restitution, which is an agency record. In 2018, the fraud team set even more records with 252 Felony charges because of their investigations, shattering previous averages of 150 per year.

DOI encourages consumers and insurance companies to utilize DOI’s licensee search function to confirm the license status of agents and agencies, and to report suspected insurance fraud by completing DOI’s online form. Visit http://insurance.ky.gov/ppc/default.aspx for more information.