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Fort Knox Federal Credit Union makes $1.5M investment in military and community health

ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. — Fort Knox Federal Credit Union announced today a $1.5 million long-term investment to support military and community health in Radcliff, Ky. The 10-year financial commitment and partnership, made through the Hardin Memorial Health Foundation, will help expand services at HMH Medical Group Radcliff Family Medicine clinic located near the Wilson Gate of Fort Knox.

The expanded Radcliff clinic will allow HMH to add primary care providers, provide additional patient services and connect military families and all patients to community resources. It will even offer financial services and education, with everything housed in one clinic. This holistic approach to health will be critical in improving overall wellness within our community. According to the 2018 Stress in America survey published by the American Psychological Association, 81% of young adults and 64% of adults overall identified money as a common stressor. In Kentucky, financial literacy continues to be a key challenge with the state ranked 45th out of the 50 states and the District of Columbia in WalletHub’s 2019 study.

“Our credit union was founded by 10 military veterans in 1950 to make a difference in the communities we serve by providing affordable financial services and empowering consumers to make smarter decisions about their money. This investment in military and community health right outside the Fort Knox military post aligns with the credit union’s seven decade focus of improving the lives of fellow Kentuckians,” said Fort Knox Federal Credit Union Board Chair Reba Watson. “Together, we hope to make long-lasting, life-changing impact with the military and their families, and for all the patients cared for at HMH Medical Group – Radcliff Family Medicine.”

Dr. Tom Hustead, medical director of HMH Medical Group and retired colonel, United States Army, said the $1.5 million gift from Fort Knox Federal Credit Union will help HMH deliver holistic patient care that incorporates the latest in healthcare innovation.

“This first-of-its-kind clinic will offer high-touch, comprehensive, multi-disciplinary care that addresses not only physical health, but also mental, social and spiritual health. The timing for this expansion is perfect too, as transitions on post created the need for more providers nearby,” Hustead said. “We will even have community space inside the clinic for educational organizations and others to use.”

Fort Knox Federal Credit Union, the largest member-owned financial institution in Kentucky with 18 branches and more than 105,000 members, is a leader in the area of financial education with a mission to improve lives across the state. The not-for-profit cooperative focuses on improving the communities it serves, investing in innovative programs, and supporting projects that have lasting and deep impact. Credit union leaders consider HMHF and HMH natural partners in terms of vision, service and reach.

“Our credit union is here to help active duty military, veterans and the surrounding community achieve more. From providing the everyday services hard-working Kentucky families need, to reduce financial stress, to making significant investments in longer-term initiatives such as financial education and overall health, our commitment to serve is unwavering. Working with great community partners like HMH helps make positive, long-lasting change happen,” said Ray Springsteen, president and CEO of Fort Knox Federal Credit Union.

“The Fort Knox Federal Credit Union investment and partnership will allow us to evaluate best practices for integrated services that can be implemented at family medicine clinics throughout the HMH system,” said Dennis Johnson, HMH president and CEO.

“The HMH Foundation board is very excited about this breakthrough project and first seven-figure corporate gift,” said HMHF Chairman Joe Prather. “Fort Knox Federal Credit Union’s willingness to partner with HMH to do something unique and help fund the work and research on holistic patient care is an outstanding example of how corporate citizens can tackle big issues and make a big impact.”

The HMH Foundation is currently celebrating its fifth anniversary and raising more than $5 million in donations to strengthen HMH and dramatically improve Central Kentucky health.