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Region Sees Wage, Job Growth Surpass Expectations

By wmadministrator

The northern Kentucky region saw a gain of 3,158 jobs in 2008, far surpassing the annual goal put forth by Vision 2015, a 10-year strategic plan for growth in the region. The Vision 2015 goal calls for adding 1,430 primary jobs each year.

The data, which were compiled by Policom Corp., an independent economic research firm specializing in local and state economies, also included other good news: The average wage for the new jobs created was $72,825, which is 146 percent higher than the target wage of $50,036.

The region’s greatest gains were in the “finance and insurance” and “management of companies” sectors. The region had a net gain of 2,092 jobs in the management sector, representing the seventh year in a row that the region has added employment in that sector.

A significant number of jobs resulted from the opening of Fidelity Investments’ office in Covington.