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Bluegrass Tomorrow elects Sullivan University VP to board

Dr. David Tudor
Dr. David Tudor

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Dr. David Tudor, vice president of Sullivan University’s Lexington campus, has been elected to the board of directors of Bluegrass Tomorrow.

Bluegrass Tomorrow is an organization that recognizes the uniqueness of the Bluegrass region and aims to promote a balance between the best practices in agricultural land use against development that occurs deliberately, after careful planning. It recognizes the need for a connected governance within the region and believes that education is at the heart of making the best decisions for those who call this region home.

“I am honored to have been chosen as an educational representative on the board,” said Tudor. “Post high school training through the diverse range of programs offered in higher education, will help strengthen our communities by ensuring that we have a workforce that is ready to face the opportunities and challenges of our region. As I accept this new leadership opportunity, I am reminded of the importance that career-focused education plays in our communities as we build a shared future.

“Sullivan University plays an essential role in higher education community in Central Kentucky, and I’m proud to represent it as I work with my peers at the other institutions in the region.”

Since 2012, Bluegrass Tomorrow has promoted education and leadership training through its Academic Leadership Academy. Over 250 university faculty have participated in the training since the founding of the Academy, including many from Sullivan University’s Lexington campus. Tudor’s association with the Academy began shortly after its founding. He was selected by Sullivan’s Lexington campus executive director, David Keene, who now serves as vice president for community partnerships, to be the campus’ liaison to the academy.

“Higher education plays a critical role in the future of Central Kentucky,” Tudor said. “I hope to learn, through working with other educational leaders and hearing from business leaders and employers, how to best address the needs of the employers of this region. Central Kentucky is already highly educated, based on the percentage of the population with college degrees, but we can continue to build on that success to ensure that we have a workforce that is ready to face the unique challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.”

Tudor said his election is an indication that the Bluegrass Tomorrow board values the perspective of career focused education in conversations about the region.

“I believe the board recognized that I’m passionate about ensuring that a higher education is accessible to Central Kentuckians,” Tudor said. “The future of this region depends on a competitive and trained workforce. I have proven that I will work to get the job done, just I have for the last six years working with the Bluegrass Higher Education Consortium’s Academic Leadership Academy. As a vice president for Sullivan University, I’m proud to represent our institution among all the businesses and educational institutions that are members of Bluegrass Tomorrow.”

Tudor is confident that serving on the Bluegrass Tomorrow board will allow him to improve and grow as a leader.

“I hope to broaden my scope of understanding of the challenges faced by our communities and work to identify the skills and education required of the workforce to meet the opportunities we face,” he said. “Sullivan Lexington has a strong customer service focus and the ability to deliver training solutions to area businesses. I hope to be able to provide guidance to university leadership as I develop a deeper understanding of how we can prepare Central Kentuckians for a bright future.”