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eCommerce webinar series to help Ky. companies sell to the world

LEXINGTON, Ky. — World Trade Center Kentucky (WTC-KY), UPS and SkuVault have partnered to create the 2020 eCommerce webinar series beginning late February.

With eCommerce retail sales in 2019 continuing to grow into the billions, there are plenty of opportunities for Kentucky companies to expand into this area and grow online sales. From the small “mom and pop operation” to the largest manufacturers, our eCommerce series will have something for everyone.

While utilizing the UPS Worldport in Louisville, companies can reach 80% of the world’s population in less than 48 hours. Leveraging these types of assets can assist eCommerce companies in Kentucky quickly scale up to meet growing online customer demand internationally and domestically.

The Department of Commerce reported in 2019 that the estimate of U.S. retail eCommerce sales for the third quarter of 2019, adjusted for seasonal variation, but not for price changes, was $138.5 billion, an increase of 16.9% from the third quarter of 2018.

The WTC-KY eCommerce webinar series, presented by UPS, will feature Journey for Kentucky companies; Package cost savings; Leveraging online platforms including your website; and the Logistics of eCommerce.

Jack Wright, general manager of IRD LLC in Louisville, will share IRD’s journey as part of this series and explained that, “when IRD first sought to expand online in January 2019, they wanted to re-evaluate the opportunities they were curating with their customers. IRD ventured to create an easier way for their customer to interact with their brand, gain knowledge of their products, and make the purchasing funnel smoother and more efficient. Especially with half their sales being international, they wanted to develop a way that customers could order their parts without waiting on delays such as standard store hours.”

Hear and learn from other featured guest speakers from across the industry with a wealth of knowledge to prepare companies and help them grow successful eCommerce operations in 2020. This series is for experienced or new to eCommerce businesses.

“The World Trade Center Kentucky is excited to launch this series through our International Education Center to help companies take advantage of the business opportunities that eCommerce creates and providing subject matter experts who can provide direction for creating successful eCommerce platforms,” said Ian Mooers, director of training.

To find out more about our Webinar Series, visit www.wtcky.org/events.

To learn more about the our events, visit: www.wtcky.org.