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Sullivan University delays spring term, cancels graduation due to COVID-19

Sullivan University

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Due to continuing concerns about the COVID-19 situation, Sullivan University will delay the start of its spring term from March 20 to Monday, April 6, and cancel spring graduation.

Sullivan University President and CEO Dr. Jay Marr said delaying the spring term will increase the university’s upcoming spring break, which is scheduled to begin March 23, and provide additional time for social distancing and good hygiene practice – methods that could help mitigate the communal spread of the virus.

“This is a only a delay and not a cancellation of the spring term,” Dr. Marr said. “The delay should not impact the overall spring term in any substantial way.”

Sullivan has also cancelled spring graduation, scheduled for Saturday, April 18. Graduates who would have normally participated in the April ceremony will be invited to walk during the fall commencement ceremony on Saturday, Oct. 17.

Information concerning how graduates can receive their diploma, cap and gown, etc., will be emailed to each graduate’s student email address.

Sullivan had previously announced that during finals week – which begins Monday, March 16 – courses that meet in a classroom on campus will be shortened to only the amount of time necessary to complete and submit the final or complete the final assessment. Online courses will follow the normal final protocol, he said.

“At the present time, Sullivan University is not aware of any faculty, staff, student or guest who has tested positive for COVID-19,” Dr. Marr said. ” Regardless, Sullivan University will continue with its increased disinfection efforts for as long as necessary. These changes are designed to help minimize any potential transmission, while ensuring the integrity of academic expectations, standards and requirements.”

Current plans call for keeping all locations open and staffed, though many staff members are being provided with telecommute opportunities. Sullivan’s goal is to continue relatively normal operations by keeping campuses and offices open, with only those staff members needed at any particular time to increase social distancing and minimization of space contamination.

“Our hope is that we can return entirely to normal operations with the summer, 2020 term, but keep everyone moving forward with their educational goals throughout the spring,” Dr. Marr said. “I continue to be in awe of our students, faculty and staff who have taken this entire situation seriously, but with a calm and reasonable demeanor. It is important that we keep up our good practices and resiliency, and not allow this challenge to negatively impact our short and long term educational goals.”