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Kentucky Labor Cabinet offers online OSH training

Provides efficient training delivery for employers

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Jan. 30, 2012) – The Kentucky Labor Cabinet Monday announced an online training system for Kentucky’s employers.

The new training website – laborcabinetetrain.ky.gov – is the gateway to an electronic library of training materials related to occupational safety and health. All materials on the site are based on the Kentucky Labor Cabinet’s regulations, along with industry best practices learned in the many years’ experience of the cabinet’s safety and health consultants.

“All content is being developed in-house,” said Labor Secretary Mark Brown. “We are not using outside contractors for any content development. Employees of the Division of Education and Training are entirely responsible for all aspects of this new program. I’m proud of their hard work and support as we continue to try to serve more constituents with fewer resources.”

The online system also will include both live webinars and pre-recorded on-demand training modules. Courses continue to be developed and the online catalogue will grow as the library of course material increases. Initial subjects that will be covered by the online content include hazard communication, fire safety, emergency eyewash and showers, emergency action plans, and personal protective equipment.

“The Labor Cabinet has recognized and responded to the need for safety and health training products that are easy to access, cost-free, and readily available to Kentucky’s business community,” said Sec. Brown. “Employers will find this online training resource to be extremely valuable in their efforts to protect the safety and health of their employees.”

In the future, the cabinet will offer specific training curriculums that will allow users to earn a certificate of completion once they have successfully finished all the courses in that curriculum.