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Ky PSC sets six public meetings to discuss adding new area code

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Oct. 8, 2012) – The Kentucky Public Service Commission (PSC) has announced six meetings to discuss the options and process for the creation of a new area code in all or a portion of the current area code 270, which covers Western Kentucky.

The meetings will be conducted by PSC staff and will include an informational presentation and an opportunity to ask questions and submit comments.

The meetings will be held in Hopkinsville on Oct. 17, Paducah on Oct. 19, Henderson on Oct. 22, Owensboro on Oct. 24, Bowling Green on Oct. 29 and Elizabethtown on Oct. 30. Meeting times and locations are listed separately at the end of this news release.

For those unable to attend a meeting, the PSC has produced a narrated slideshow that may be viewed online as a 10-minute video. The video explains the need for a new area code, the options for creating one and the advantages and disadvantages of each option. It concludes with an explanation of the PSC’s process for reaching a decision.

The video is available at this web address: http://youtube/UiqFIDQesCM

Area code 270 is projected to run out of available numbers by the first quarter of 2014. The PSC will consider two options for creating the new area code.

Telecommunications providers have recommended an overlay, which would create a second area code – 364 – in the same territory now covered by area code 270. The second option is a split, which would assign area code 364 to a portion of the current area code 270 territory.

An overlay would permit retention of all current 270 numbers, but would require 10-digit dialing for local calls. A split would retain seven-digit dialing for local calls, but would require both wireless and landline customers within about half the current area code to change their phone numbers.

“We hope that both residential and business phone customers will evaluate how these options might affect them,” PSC Chairman David Armstrong said. “We also hope they take the time to share their views with the PSC.”

In addition to conducting public meetings, PSC staff will be available to make presentations to local governments, chambers of commerce, civic groups and other organizations. To schedule a presentation, contact Andrew Melnykovych, public information officer for the PSC.

The PSC has not scheduled an evidentiary hearing in the case.

Public comments addressing the telecommunications industry proposal for an overlay must be submitted to the PSC by November 16.

A public comment form is available on the PSC website here: http://psc.ky.gov/agencies/psc/forms/2012-00129_Public_Input_Form.PDF.

It can be filled out online and submitted by e-mail or may be downloaded for submission at a later time.

Comments may be submitted in person at the public meetings. Comments also may be sent by mail to the PSC at P.O. Box 615, Frankfort, KY 40602, by fax to 502-564-9625, or by e-mail from the PSC website. Comments also may be submitted in person at the PSC offices.

All records in the case are available on the PSC website, psc.ky.gov. The case number in the current proceeding is 2012-00129.

The PSC is an independent agency attached for administrative purposes to the Energy and Environment Cabinet. It regulates more than 1,500 gas, water, sewer, electric and telecommunication utilities operating in Kentucky and has approximately 90 employees.