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Tempur Sealy CEO, board members donating compensation to company foundation

LEXINGTON, Ky. – Scott Thompson, chairman and CEO of Tempur Sealy International, has pledged to contribute his remaining 2020 net base salary to the Tempur Sealy Foundation, which generally supports children and families in need, the company announced in a news release.

Further, Tempur Sealy’s board of directors elected to forego board fees for the remainder of 2020 and contribute them to the Tempur Sealy Foundation. Other executives of the Lexington, Ky.-headquartered company have also volunteered to contribute a portion of their base salaries to support the cause.

“The board and leadership have joined me in pledging personal resources to provide critical funds to charitable organizations,” Thompson said. “I am proud to work with such a community-oriented Board, executive team and employee workforce. “We are thankful for the opportunity to give back to communities through working with charities who are providing assistance to children in need and their families during this unprecedented time.”

Additionally, the company continues its companywide efforts to provide critical products and services to combat COVID-19. Tempur Sealy is the largest mattress manufacturer in the world and is utilizing its extensive operations and expertise to manufacture medical grade mattresses and other products for use by medical professionals in the fight against COVID-19.

Specifically, the company has developed specialized products and is manufacturing mattresses, medical grade foams used in medical equipment, and other related products that will be used in hospitals and medical facilities during this time of crisis.

The company is actively engaged with numerous government and healthcare organizations to assess the product need and timing of each unique situation. As a designated critical vendor in support of medical needs, the company is focused on doing its part during the crisis.