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Fort Mitchell’s Hehman family starts honey business

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(L to R) Carsan Hehman, beekeeper, Kathy Hehman, Pete Hehman, COO, Katie Hehman, beekeeper, Jude Hehman, CEO.

GRANT COUNTY, Ky. — Three years ago, bees and hives began arriving at the Falling Dove Farm, owned by Fort Mitchell brothers Jude and Pete Hehman, near Williamstown. This summer, the brothers have taken their beekeeping hobby and turned it into a growing enterprise.

Hehman Honey is marketing pure raw Kentucky honey along with infused honey flavors hot peppers and mint through its website, HehmanHoney.com.

With entrepreneurship in their blood, the Hehman family members Jude and Katie Hehman and Pete and Kathy Hehman are heading the organization. Jude Hehman is the CEO of Furlong Building which he co-founded in 2010 and serves as the mayor of the city of Fort Mitchell.

Pete Hehman has vast experience in management and property operations and is currently serving as a superintendent at Furlong Building. Katie Hehman serves as beekeeper and the brothers’ children and grandchildren also help out in the honey business.

“Spending more time getting back to nature, we are recognizing a dream come true with the launch of our Hehman Honey products,” said founding partner and COO Pete Hehman. “We’re learning the important role bees play in our ecosystem, pollinating crops and producing honey which is a healthy alternative to refined sugar. Our honey is a pure, Kentucky Proud product and we’re excited to bring it to the marketplace.”

“We have planted apple and pear trees for the springtime and sunflowers, blueberries, mint and lavender for the summer and fall seasons,” said Hehman Honey CEO Jude Hehman. “Our production is increasing, and we expect to produce over 2,000 pounds of honey this season. Our biggest seller besides our raw honey, is our hot pepper-infused honey. We’ve also introduced mint and lavender-infused honeys for the summer season.”

Hehman Honey is working in collaboration with other area farmers to place hives on their farms which provides a pollination benefit and increased honey harvest for Falling Dove Farm. Hehman Honey currently is operating 25 hives in Grant County.

For more information, visit HehmanHoney.com.