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Kentucky Chamber celebrates promotes fair chance employment for substance abuse disorder

FRANKFORT. Ky. — Because second chances are critical to helping Kentuckians get back on track after incarceration or while in recovery from substance use disorder, the Kentucky Comeback initiative, a program of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, will be highlighting the importance of offering second chances to Kentuckians who have turned their lives around throughout the month of April.

As a part of Second Chance Month, created by the Prison Fellowship, The Kentucky Comeback initiative was launched by the chamber in 2020 to transform how state approaches criminal justice and substance use disorder. Over the past year, the initiative has focused efforts on passing legislation to reduce barriers for Kentuckians, working with employers to become more recovery friendly, and promoting second-chance employment.

As the 2021 General Assembly passed many priority bills relating to recovery and criminal justice, Kentucky Comeback hosted a webinar for key legislators to talk about the legislation passed and the impact the bills will have on Kentuckians. In addition, Kentucky Comeback released a scorecard to show how legislators voted on these critical bills.

During Second Chance Month, the Kentucky Comeback initiative will be leading many efforts including encouraging businesses to become second-chance employers, sharing stories of Kentuckians who have used second chances to turn their lives around, and promoting businesses that have found success in hiring second chance employees to fill their workforce needs.

The Kentucky Chamber Workforce Center will continue to promote fair chance employers through the Who’s Hiring Campaign, highlighting job openings for Kentuckians in need of a second chance. Additionally, Kentucky Comeback will offer webinars throughout the month of April to promote Second Chance Month.

“We know that employment, access to education, housing, and other factors play a key role in ensuring Kentuckians are able to reach their full potential and be successful members of their community,” said Kentucky Chamber President and CEO Ashli Watts. “The business community is working every day to ensure more individuals are given a second chance and we are excited to highlight successes and continue working toward this crucial goal during Second Chance Month and beyond.”