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Black Button Distilling debuts bespoke bourbon blending program

By The Bourbon Flight

Black Button Distilling, a leading grain-to-glass distillery based in Rochester, New York, is proud to announce the launch of their bespoke bourbon blending program, utilized amongst hospitality partners and retailers to create a unique, exclusive bourbon based on customer preference.

As the first-ever grain-to-glass distillery to launch a Custom Bourbon Blend Program, Black Button Distilling is now further solidified as an innovator in the bourbon industry. This new program allows companies to work with their team of expert distillers to create a blend exclusive to their establishment, providing customers with a truly special bourbon experience.

It all starts with personalized consultations:

  • First, the Black Button team meets with restaurant owners, bartenders, and liquor store operators to get to know their customer base.
  • Next, they receive a flavor profile survey to determine additional preferences and hone in on flavors such as sweet, spice, or oak.
  • Finally, each blend is made with a base of Black Button Distilling’s Straight Bourbon Whiskey, available in 90, 92, or 94 proof, and adorned with a customized hangtag noting the specific establishment.

As a New York State Farm Distillery, Black Button Distilling’s bespoke bourbon is locally sourced, and crafted from 60% corn, 20% wheat, 11% malted barley, and 9% rye, with a minimum purchase of 100 bottles for this program.

Black Button Distilling initially began testing the program with select partners earlier this year and is already garnering significant praise. “In May, we visited Black Button Distillery to create a custom blend for our Barrel Club. Working with three base components that offered distinct flavor profiles, we got to know each, and then started with broad stroke blend adjustments and fine-tuning adjustments until we zeroed in on our perfect blend. I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants to take the more traditional experience of selecting a single barrel to the next level,” said Nick Beiter of Breaking Bourbon, a trusted source for bourbon reviews.

To learn more about Black Button Distilling’s custom blending program, please email [email protected].

About Black Button Distilling

Founded by President and Head Distiller Jason Barrett in 2012, at only 24 years old, Black Button Distilling is Rochester’s first grain-to-glass craft distillery to open since prohibition. As a New York State Farm Distillery, Black Button Distilling is deeply committed to crafting high-quality small-batch spirits with New York State grown and produced ingredients.

Over 90% of ingredients are grown or produced in New York State, as Black Button Distilling is dedicated to supporting New York State agriculture and the responsible stewardship of our natural environment. In 2018, Black Button proudly opened their own farm and forestry, where they grow juniper for gin, white oak to make our own bourbon barrels and fresh herbs and spices as well as organic honey for our cocktails.

Beginning in 2020, Black Button expanded its national footprint by offering its award-winning spirits for purchase online. Visit blackbuttondistilling.com to purchase spirits, explore cocktail recipes, schedule tastings, and more.

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