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Perspective: Increase Your Share of Kentucky’s Growing Pie

Marketing works, and magazines are most effective at engaging your target audience

By Mark Green

It’s self-serving to say, but it is also true: It’s smart to market to Kentucky’s booming business community with The Lane Report.

We deliver the Kentucky business audience better than anyone, and research continues to show that magazine advertising is more effective than other popular media. This is not to say other marketing platforms aren’t good; it’s just that we are better.

Marketing works—if you do it. And doing it now will increase your share of the growing “pie” in Kentucky, whose economy is seeing its best days ever.

Research (available at magazine.org) shows magazines create a higher level of engagement than users experience online, watching television, looking at billboards and listening to radio.

You hold a magazine in your hands, feel it, see it, read it with multiple senses at once. Readers report better recall of information and marketing messages presented by magazines and more frequently take action on what they have seen in magazines compared to other platforms.

That means your ads are more effective with us.

All ads work to varying degrees. It’s also true that reaching your target audience via multiple platforms makes all of them more effective; they reinforce one another.

Magazine readers are willing to pay more for products and services they value. They are influencers and trendsetters, far more likely to try new products and services, read the latest books, and embrace change. They consider themselves leaders and are more able to convince others to see things their way.

Millennials happen to like print ads better, too. Even though they are major consumers of digital media, the 18-35 demographic has recently become the primary target of print advertisers. Meredith Direct Media, publisher of titles such as Better Homes & Gardens, Southern Living, People, Food & Wine and more, does extensive research and was told by a millennial:

“When I’m reading a print magazine … my attention is always focused on that article or picture. When I’m reading online, my eyes are wandering and I’m not paying attention—I’m on to the next online thing. Reading a print magazine is different. Honestly, I feel smarter because I always finish what I start.”

Research for The Association of Magazine Media by MRI-Simmons, a leading insight provider about American consumers, found magazine readers are the most active on social media. They make more status posts, share video, review products, send gifts, play games, and click on ads.

The Lane Report of course has an active digital platform. We appreciate every visitor to LaneReport.com and recipient of our popular FasterLane email blast. They grow our reach to our valuable niche audience: the owners and management of companies doing business with Kentucky businesses, professionals, public officials, and those who aspire to be part of that community. Advertisers who market their products and services to our audience can know that using our 38-year-old Lane Report magazine plus the website and email blast will be effective.

We won’t tell you to never market elsewhere, but we will tell you doing so with us is the best option. Kentucky’s economy is growing and has even better days ahead. The Lane Report exists, literally, to help you succeed and grow along with it.