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Lane List — August 2013

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Active Stallions and Mares Bred
States listed by 2012 ranking

The number of active stallions and mares bred in the United States has dropped significantly over the past 10 years, according to Jockey Club figures. In 2002, there were 4,096 active stallions and 59,455 mares bred in America. In 2012, the number of active stallions dropped 42.5 percent to 2,014, and the number of mares bred dropped 50.8 percent to 34,164.

In Kentucky, 22.5 percent fewer mares were bred in 2012 than in 2002, and the number of active stallions dropped nearly 38 percent.



Top 10 States for Horse racing
Ranked by most races

The number of races conducted in the United States last year was down 17 percent since 2002, while purses increased slightly over the same period, according to Jockey Club figures. Purses increased from $1.07 billion in 2002 to $1.13 billion in 2012.

In 2002, Kentucky had the fourth most races in the country; by 2012, they slipped to No. 9.