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Jefferson Davis statue to remain in State Capitol

Frankfort, Ky. – The Historic Properties Advisory Commission, the agency by law that has control over the statues in the rotunda of the state capitol, has ruled that the Jefferson Davis statue will remain in the capitol.

As many symbols and icons associated with the Confederacy came under intense scrutiny following an allegedly racially charged shooting spree in Charleston, S.C., Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear asked the advisory commission to consider the statue’s proper place. Jefferson Davis was the first and only president of the Confederate States of America.

“The commission received thousands of public comments and consulted with state historians. After reviewing all the information, the consensus it reached is that the Jefferson Davis statue represented a part of the state’s history and will remain in the Capitol,” Beshear said. “However, the panel voted to establish a committee that would determine ways to ensure the statues, including Jefferson Davis, are displayed in the appropriate historical context.

“While many Kentuckians feel that it would be preferable for the Jefferson Davis statue to be in a museum setting, the addition of this educational and historical context is critical. The generations to come must understand the enormous toll of the Civil War that tore apart this nation and the tragic issue of slavery at the root of that war.

“Kentucky played a unique historical role as the birthplace of the presidents of both sides of the conflict. We must ensure that dark chapter of our nation’s past serves to educate in ways that ensure such a tragedy can never happen again.”