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Papa John’s picks Louisville-based Red e App for workflow communication

A screen shot of how the new Red e App for Papa John's looks for managers.
A screen shot of how the new Red e App for Papa John’s looks for managers.

Louisville, Ky. – Papa John’s has selected Red e App, a mobile communications platform, to increase operational efficiency across its organization. The Louisville-based tech company will give Papa John’s a dedicated channel to communicate and share files with corporate managers in more than 600 locations using a private, mobile-centric platform.

Papa John’s is also planning to expand the service to franchise owners and operators in the future. The more efficient mobile communications channel will allow Papa John’s corporate managers to maintain focus on providing the highest quality pizza to its customers.

The company’s operational demands include food preparation and logistics, point of sale, connectivity for phone and other internet systems, and of course, ensuring that each pizza is prepared perfectly to order and safely delivered. The global scale of Papa John’s business compounds the workload and requires immediate communication, 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Red e App helps solve the growing operational and communications needs of Papa John’s thriving business. Papa John’s managers do not work at desks behind computers. To gain operational efficiency, businesses must apply the correct tool to the situation. With Red e App, Papa John’s is able to utilize an entire communication platform that is designed specifically for the needs of a non-desk management workforce.

“Red e App allows us to communicate the right data at the right time with a simple solution,” says Edmond Heelan, Papa John’s Vice President Global Operations Support and Training. “For the first time, we’ll be able to communicate in real-time to all regional and local corporate managers.”

“Papa John’s has always been an innovative and forward-looking company,” says Red e App CEO Jonathan Erwin. “We are excited about this partnership for the immediate and long-term operational value it provides to them.”

Red e App can be used in organizations to:

  1. Enable operations to communicate about procedural changes, updates to point-of-sale systems, or critical events regarding safety or training.
  2. Enable regional and area operations directors to send reports, documents, and messages to groups or individual store managers.
  3. Inform leadership around effectiveness of communications, providing read receipts and confirmation that critical messages have been read.