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Ops Plus earns Governor’s Safety and Health Award

Employees have worked more than six years without a lost-time incident

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (Nov. 17, 2015) — Ops Plus today was presented with the Governor’s Safety and Health Award for going more than 651,000 hours without a lost-time incident, going back to early 2009.

ops“Ops Plus has realized that safety makes good sense, not only financially, but from a human standpoint,” said Deputy Secretary Rocky Comito of the Kentucky Labor Cabinet. “Workers are more content and productive when their employer goes out of its way to make sure they are safe and healthy.”

Based in Louisville since 1995, Ops Plus specializes in multiple areas of utility support, from utility design to high- and medium-voltage equipment diagnostics and metering. With more than 80 employees, the company provides contract and service work throughout the Midwest.

“Through the efforts and commitment of our employees, we have created a strong culture where employee safety is key,” said Ops Plus president Bridgette Pregliasco. “We encourage them to continue these practices when they are home with their families and friends.”

Ops Plus is a certified women-owned business, and since 2009 has been included in the Louisville area’s list of top 25 largest women-owned businesses. Pregliasco and Debbie Conway, vice president, have 100 percent ownership of the company.

The Kentucky Labor Cabinet presents the Governor’s Safety and Health Award in recognition of outstanding safety and health performance. An establishment may qualify for the award if its employees together achieve a required number of hours worked without experiencing a lost-time injury or illness. The required number of hours is dependent upon the number of employees. The requirement for Ops Plus was 250,000 hours.

Every establishment within the geographical boundaries of Kentucky is eligible for the award, even if the establishment won the award the previous year. Eligibility is limited to one award during a 12-month period of time.