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Health and Family Services chief gets Alumni Award from Spalding’s School of Social Work

FRANKFORT, Ky. (June 22, 2012) – Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services Secretary Audrey Tayse Haynes has received the inaugural Trueheart-Titzl Outstanding Bachelor of Science in Social Work Alumni Award from Spalding University’s School of Social Work.

The award was created this year in honor of Mary Trueheart-Titzl, founder of the School of Social Work at Spalding, who died in February.

Haynes received the award in Louisville earlier this month at the university’s Honors Day ceremony prior to the 2012 commencement.

Shannon Cambron, Spalding’s director of undergraduate education, said that Haynes was the perfect choice for the honor.

“This award acknowledges outstanding contributions to the profession, and I can think of no better premier recipient than Secretary Haynes,” Cambron said. “Serving in both regional and national capacities, her work has genuinely impacted both our state and our nation. We are excited about what her leadership will bring to Frankfort as well as families all over the state. Her work honors the life of Dr. Trueheart-Titzl and reflects Spalding’s mission with authenticity and passion.”

Haynes holds a bachelor’s degree in social work from Spalding University. She received a master’s degree in social work from the University of Kentucky in 1984.

Haynes said she is proud to be recognized as part of the legacy of a leader in human services.

“Dr. Truheart-Titzl was an outstanding professor and I am honored to have my name associated with that of such a dedicated and thoughtful public servant,” she said. “Social work is an often difficult, but also very rewarding career and one worthy of recognition. I am truly humbled that my alma mater has chosen me as the inaugural recipient of this wonderful award. I look forward to sharing this honor with the many other recipients who will receive this award for many years to come.”

Haynes began her career in the Somerset area, working in the community mental health system as an alcohol and drug counselor. She later worked in the Cabinet for Human Resources as the director of human resource development, alongside the commissioner of mental health.  Sec. Haynes was also appointed as executive director of the Kentucky Literacy Commission by Gov. Wallace Wilkinson and to the state school board.

Haynes’ more recent positions include 10 years as the senior vice president and chief government affairs officer of YMCA of the USA, as well as chief of staff to Tipper Gore during Vice President Al Gore’s second term. Haynes also served on President Bill Clinton’s senior staff as a deputy assistant to the President and director of the White House Office for Women’s Initiatives and Outreach.