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Kentucky firefighters in Oklahoma to assist with wildfires

12 Kentuckians sent

FRANKFORT, Ky. (March 10, 2017) — The Kentucky Division of Forestry (KDF) has dispatched a dozen firefighters to assist the state of Oklahoma, where fires have burned nearly 900,000 acres in the northwest part of Oklahoma.

The firefighters, who departed from Kentucky yesterday morning, included one public information officer, one task force leader, two dozer bosses, three engine bosses, three engine operators and two firefighter type IIs. The Division of Forestry also sent three Type-6 Wildland Fire Engines and two JD-650 dozers with plows to assist Oklahoma’s fire efforts as part of the Southern Wildland Fire Compact.

KDF employees today are at the Woodward County Fairgrounds in Woodward, Okla., where they will receive their assignment. They are expected to be deployed at the “Selman Fire” in Woodward and Harper Counties where more than 47,000 acres have been scorched.

KDF is experiencing a below average number of fires thus far during the Spring Fire Hazard Season, as compared to the past 10 years. However, debris burning continues to be a problem and forestry officials want to remind private landowners, public land managers and homeowners to help prevent wildland fires.