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GLI and Commerce Lexington unveil plan to save money on health insurance for their employees

LOUISVILLE and LEXINGTON (Monday, April 24) — Greater Louisville Inc. and Commerce Lexington employers have partnered with Humana to help businesses save money on health insurance for their employees.

The new HealthSolutions plan is available exclusively to investors in both chambers who join an employer industry sub-association. Businesses that enroll in this special association plan can potentially save between five and 20 percent on health insurance premiums.

“Health insurance is often one of the biggest expenses for businesses,” Kent Oyler, President and CEO of GLI, said. “This is really a forward-looking partnership as the landscape of healthcare continues to evolve in the United States.”

Chamber members are eligible to join an association with employers in their industry that will help the Chambers address industry needs, including health coverage for employees. A business must have two or more employees and a qualifying SIC code to participate in an industry association and enroll in Humana HealthSolutions.

“The cost of entry is very low compared to the cost of other plans,” Bob Quick, President and CEO of Commerce Lexington, said. “The industry association plans benefit businesses of all sizes by pooling resources and offering discounts to investors.”

A company with 19 employees typically pays an annual premium of $64,000 for health insurance. With HealthSolutions, the same premium is around $57,600, a savings of more than $6,000. Savings will vary depending on company size and type of coverage, but HealthSolutions prices are on average 5%-20% less than typical plans.

“Humana serves a diverse array of customers with a wide variety of needs,” Jennifer Willis, vice president for Humana in Kentucky, said. “Humana HealthSolutions allows employers to tailor benefits coverage to their employees’ health and financial needs. We are pleased to be partnering with employer-members of GLI and Commerce Lexington to bring customized coverage to their members.”

HealthSolutions is available immediately to companies who qualify. Companies interested in participating in HealthSolutions should contact their health insurance brokers to see if the plan is right for them. More information can be found at http://www.greaterlouisville.com/HealthSolutions/ http://www.commercelexington.com/healthsolutions.html.